About  Joel's Place for Children

Joel’s Place is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-denominational, free-of-charge bereavement center offering multiple grief support services for children and their families in their grief journey. Joel’s Place was founded and operates on the belief that it is helpful and healing for grieving children and their families to share their stories, memories, experiences, thoughts, and feelings with other grieving children. Joel’s Place offers a free ongoing grief support program in West Side and East Side locations in the Greater Cleveland area.

Our Namesake:

Our Operating Philosophy:


  • Grief is a natural reaction to the death of a loved one.

  • The duration and intensity of grief are unique for each individual.

  • In a safe and supportive environment, people have a natural capacity to heal.

  • Moving through the grief journey is not about letting go; it is about finding ways to incorporate memories of the deceased and their legacy into one’s life so that over time the loss is less painful.

  • Essential to our work is a guiding belief that the support group environment can be a source of empathy, understanding, and encouragement to grieving children during a very difficult time in their lives.