Adult Grief Support Group

Joel’s Place for Children offers a support group for the caregivers of the children who attend our grief support sessions. This facilitated adult group meets numerous needs of its members as they share in a caring environment their own grief as well as that of their children. The group members experience the healing aspect of being with each other. With compassion, they understand the gravity of their loss and the value of participating together in the process of moving forward through such profound grief. They walk a deeply meaningful path as they move forward with their lives that must now incorporate the death. Adult group sessions are held at the same time as children’s groups. 
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Sessions take place from 7:00 – 8:15 pm, after pizza dinner 6:30-7pm. For more information on group sessions, support groups, or to register, please email or call us at 440-248-4412.

Emma Potter, our adult group facilitator
Adult Peer-Based Grief Support Groups are led by Emma Potter. She has been facilitating the group since 2022. Emma co-facilitated with our longtime adult group leader, Olivia Schwartz.

Adult Group Participant Feedback

We hear some very meaningful feedback from our adult group participants. Please see below for two pieces written by one of our adult group participants, and father of one of our teens:

letter from one of our adult group participants/father of one of our teens
letter from one of our adult group participants/father of one of our teens

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