How We Create Impact

Joel’s Place provides grief support for school-aged children and their families who experience the death of someone special in their lives. We meet twice per month during the school year for a pizza dinner and peer grief support groups, and offer a Butterfly Release every Summer.

How You Can Help

Joel’s Place does not receive funding from any government agency. We are not part of a larger organization so your gift is very important to us — it keeps us going for the grieving children and families who need us. Your support ensures these services are always provided free of charge.

Sponsor a Pizza Dinner


Support Our Butterfly Release


Donate a Family Memory Project


Sponsor a Grieving Family


General Donation


Donate a Pizza Dinner

We provide dinner before every meeting. This gives our adult participants a break from worrying about what’s for dinner. The kids especially look forward to having pizza when they come to Joel’s Place.
When I was a young teen, my father passed away. Filled with so many emotions, questions, and grief, I found Joel’s Place. Joel’s Place left a lasting imprint on my heart that will forever be there. I was able to honor my feelings and thoughts while honoring the memory of my dad. I’m studying to be an Art Therapist and Counselor to help others because of my time at Joel’s Place.

Support Our Butterfly Release

Every Summer, Joel’s Place holds a Butterfly Release where children and their families release a live butterfly in memory of their loved one, followed by a picnic lunch. This allows our active families to reconnect during the summer, provides an opportunity for reunion of previous participants, and an opportunity for introduction and inclusion of new families interested in Joel’s Place.
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Donate to Our Family Memory Project

Twice each year, the families work together on a memory activity. Each family takes home a finished project. Typically our groups break out based on age/developmental level, but for these special projects the families work together. This gives each family time to connect, talk and share memories.

Sponsor a Grieving Family

Families come to us looking for grief support for children and their caregivers. Many of our adults are now single parents, or aunts, uncles, or grandparents who now have custody of a grieving child. This will help provide expressive arts activities, dinners and other items that support our families

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My wife died suddenly; my daughter and I lost our best friend. It was the summer before my daughter started high school, and now I was a single parent. We both went to individual counselors and heard about Joel’s Place for Children. Joel’s Place was welcoming from Day One! Meeting other families in the same or similar situation was a comfort. In our group, we can laugh and cry from places of deep empathy, with the goal of ‘keep moving forward’. I can’t say enough good things about the wonderful people at Joel’s Place for Children.

General Donation

Our non-denominational grief support groups for children and families have always been offered free-of-charge. We are a non-profit organization; 100% of your donation goes directly to serving our families.
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